Embed Plates

Product Information

Embed Plates are a vital component in the construction industry and it is the best way to connect steel to concrete. At Re-Fab LLC there is no limit on what type of embed plates we can produce. From standard embed plates for precast concrete panels to extremely large embed plates for press pits. We will weld plates in limitless configurations for any project that you have. We can weld any size stud from #4 to 1-1/4” in diameter, rectangular studs and refractory studs with our state of the art stud welding equipment. We have built custom fixtures to produce short run jobs and even production size jobs at the highest quality. There is no job too big and there is no job too small; call us with any inquiries.


  • Tilt-up Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Prestress/Hollowcore Concrete
  • Machinery Foundations & Press Pits
  • Miscellaneous Concrete Work
  • Stainless Embeds (Specialty)
  • Galvanized Embeds
  • Aluminum Embeds
Embed Plate - Sample Image