About Re Fab


With a large inventory of studs, anchors and raw materials Re-Fab LLC is able to fulfill orders in a more timely matter than our competition. We also have the know how to rework our stock materials for emergency deliveries without compromising quality.


Our products have been approved and given grade “A” status by the toughest critics in the industry. Our critics have ranged from one of the largest structural engineers in the nation to general contractors with in-house engineers. We have not encountered a single engineer that has not approved our products for use in their reinforcement package. Also with custom made equipment; Re-Fab LLC has the ability to hold quality to the highest standards.

Cost Effective

We have built custom one of a kind equipment to increase our productivity therefore keeping costs down on finished product. We have also streamlined all of our other processes to be more efficient keeping down the bottom line. This makes Re-Fab LLC the best overall value for our customers.

Who We Are

Re-Fab LLC is a reinforcement fabricating specialist. We manufacture Re-Fab RSR Rails, unbonded monostrand post tension cables, and embed plates. Re-Fab LLC started by two individuals with two opposite backgrounds. One had a background in commercial reinforcement installation with the other in stud welding and manufacturing. The marriage of the two backgrounds seemed like a perfect fit for a company to service the commercial building industry. With hard work in a short period of time Re-Fab LLC has grown to be a very reputable company that produces quality products at competitive pricing.

By going with the green building movement Re-Fab LLC believes we have a one up on our competition. We are able to supply documentation with the percentage of scrap metal used in our products helping contractors and owners achieve their green building goals. By supplying these documents this helps our customers gain the LEED certification they are looking for and also gives a piece of mind to the consumer that Re-Fab’s ecological footprint is smaller than our competition. We are also constantly reinvesting money back into our company to be able to provide a larger array of products at uncompromised quality. We do not enter a new product market with out being confident we have one of the best products on the market.